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This is a little selection of situation puzzles that you can make by yourself easily and using easy-to-find materials.


The first ones, the Come-Cocon's pyramids series, are really special for me and I recommend you to build them. Their difficulty is progressive ―the more layers the puzzle has, the harder it is to find the solution. That's why you should begin with the first one and then continue adding more rings.




Piramide de come-cocon Piramide de come-cocon II Piramide de come-cocon III Piramide de come-cocon IV
Come-Cocon. Come-Cocon II. Come-Cocon III. Come-Cocon IV.


Puzzle solitario Puzzle cuero Puzzle escalera
Game of solitaire. Leather. Stairs.


Puzzle mosqueton Puzzle columpio
Carabiner Swing.


More situation puzzles at my puzzle collection.




Los anillos de Rubik.

Materials: Plastic.
Category: Arrange.
Number of pieces: 
Difficulty: Medium.



This puzzle is formed by two interconnected rings full of balls that can move all over each ring.

The rings have two intersections where they share one ball. By spinning the rings and changing the common ball the colours are mixed or arranged.

The Rubik's rings version has 34 balls of three colours. The intersections divide the puzzle into 4 sections; there are 5 balls on the inner sections, 1 on each intersection point, and 11 balls on each one of the outer section.

In its solved state the 11 blue, 11 red, 12 yellow balls are arranged so that the outer sections are red or blue, and the inner sections and intersections are yellow.



Situation puzzle. Swing.


Juego Columpio.

Situation puzzle easy to assemble with medium difficulty solution. Its objective is to join both balls in the same rope loop. The balls have a hole so they can move through the rope that is attached to both ends of the strip of wood. In the center of the strip there is a hole with a smalled diameter than the balls, where the rope creates a knot as showed in picture 2.


Juego Columpio.

If you find it difficult to solve it here you can find the solution.








Situation puzzle. Carabiner.

Juego Mosquetón.

Medium difficulty game easy to assemble. You only need approximately 14 in of wire, 6 in of rope and a bit more to knot it, and 2 rings with a diameter of 1.5 in approximately. One of the rings is fixed to an end of the rope and the other one goes from the rope to the wire. The ends of the wire mustn't stand out more than 3/4 the inner diameter of the ring. The objective is to release the latter ring, a challenge easy to solve once you know the solution.

If you find it difficult to release the ring here you can find the solution.










Situation puzzle. Stairs.


Juego Escalera.

The stairs is one of many variants of the Chinese Rings family, that are classified into the field of sequential move puzzles.

This puzzle is formed by a series of rings attached to a base using poles progressively higher. The poles go in the previous ring, as you can appreciate in the picture.

Between poles number one and two, in order from smallest to largest, there is a rope closed by a ball bigger than the inner diameter of the rings. The objective of the game is to separate the rope from the stairs.

In the picture there are some stairs with five rings, although the game can be built with more or less rings to increase or decrease the difficulty. If you find it difficult to solve it with five rings, you can build it using four or three rings, not less. If you find it easy, try with six or seven rings.

In any case, here you are the solution of the stairs with five rings, that can be used too for those with four or three.







Situation puzzle. Leather.

Juego Cuero.

Obviously, the main material used in this situation puzzle is leather, or any other that has similar characteristics. We will also need two wooden balls and a bit of rope in order to start doing this easy mathematical DIY —you will have a funny game to play with your friends. 

The measurement goes as follows, approximately:

Height of the body: 6 in.
Width of the body: 1 in.
Diameter of the hole on the leather: 0.8 in.
Diameter of the balls: 1 in.
Length of the rope: 16 in.

The assembling is easy, we just need to take into account that the balls mustn't fit through the hole, the rope must be able to slide in the slots and the leather mustn't be too rigid.

This puzzle's objective is to separate the rope from the leather. It isn't difficult, if you have trouble finding the solution here you can get it.









Situation puzzles. Game of solitaire.



The situation puzzle known as Game of solitaire backs to the 18th century. Its origin is unknown, although some authors attribute it to a French count that used it while being imprisoned in the Bastille.

At the start of the game, the central square must be empty. During each go, the player has to move one chip over an adjacent one, that is taken off the board just as in checkers. The moves can have any direction except diagonal.

The objective is to get rid of every chip except one, that in the end must be in the central square.

The minimum number of goes to solve it known so far is eighteen, taken into account that a series of moves made with one chip makes for a single go. Here you can find a solution for the situation puzzle in 27 movements.