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Como poner variso clavos en equilibrio encima de otro

Situation puzzle. Nails in balance.

I bought this situation game some years ago at a street market in Gandia (Valencia) and I hadn't published about it in Neuron Juice yet. Its craftsman signs his puzzles as JcC.

This puzzle is formed by 7 nails and a wooden base that serves as bracket. One of the nails is black although it's just because of aesthetic reasons. The nails can be taken off the base, except the black one that must be nondetachable.

This puzzle is a different one —its objective isn't to assemble or disassemble pieces, nor release a ring, nor arrange pieces. Its objective is to put the movable nails in balance on the black one.



Solution of the situation puzzle.


Although in this version we only put 6 nails on the black one, this method is also acceptable for a higher number of nails.

Just arrange the nails as in the pictures:


clavos en equilibrio 2

clavos en equilibrio 3


Take the nails paying attention to keeping the heads between the pair of nails that support the others, and then place them on the black nail.


clavos en equilibrio 4