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situation puzzles and recreational mathematics. Neuron juice

Neuron juice.

The important thing is not to stop questioning. (Albert Einstein.)

This is a little selection of situation puzzles that you can make by yourself easily and using easy-to-find materials.


The first ones, the Come-Cocon's pyramids series, are really special for me and I recommend you to build them. Their difficulty is progressive ―the more layers the puzzle has, the harder it is to find the solution.


That's why you should begin with the first one and then continue adding more rings.


More situation puzzles at my puzzle collection.



Piramide de come-cocon Piramide de come-cocon II Piramide de come-cocon III Piramide de come-cocon IV
Come-Cocon. Come-Cocon II. Come-Cocon III. Come-Cocon IV.


Puzzle solitario Puzzle cuero Puzzle escalera
Game of solitaire. Leather. Stairs.


Puzzle mosqueton Puzzle columpio
Carabiner. Swing.