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Come-Cocon's pyramid.

Piramide de Come-Cocón


Thousands of years ago, there was in Egypt a pharaoh named Come-Cocon who, as it was tradition, ordered to build a pyramid for him to have a refuge during his eternal rest.

The plans were overambitious: a pyramid with lots of chambers connected through mazes that would prevent the numerous grave robbers from stealing his treasure and disturbing his rest.


Piramide de Come-Cocón

Come-Cocon died young and the pyramid wasn't complete yet, so he was buried when the building had just three chambers. It was possible to get to the chamber where Come-Cocon's sarcophagus was right from outside, but once inside the pyramid the door would close and it would be necessary to go to chamber B and then A in order to escape.

If you are interested in the challenge suggested by Come-Cocon, build a pyramid out of wire following the proportion in the picture and taking into account that the handle must be longer than the height of the pyramid but narrower than the inner diameter of the rings.

The difficulty of this puzzle is low, but here you can find the solution in case you needed it.