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Situation puzzle. Leather.

Juego Cuero.

Obviously, the main material used in this situation puzzle is leather, or any other that has similar characteristics. We will also need two wooden balls and a bit of rope in order to start doing this easy mathematical DIY —you will have a funny game to play with your friends. 

The measurement goes as follows, approximately:

Height of the body: 6 in.
Width of the body: 1 in.
Diameter of the hole on the leather: 0.8 in.
Diameter of the balls: 1 in.
Length of the rope: 16 in.

The assembling is easy, we just need to take into account that the balls mustn't fit through the hole, the rope must be able to slide in the slots and the leather mustn't be too rigid.

This puzzle's objective is to separate the rope from the leather. It isn't difficult, if you have trouble finding the solution here you can get it.