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Situation puzzle. Stairs.


Juego Escalera.

The stairs is one of many variants of the Chinese Rings family, that are classified into the field of sequential move puzzles.

This puzzle is formed by a series of rings attached to a base using poles progressively higher. The poles go in the previous ring, as you can appreciate in the picture.

Between poles number one and two, in order from smallest to largest, there is a rope closed by a ball bigger than the inner diameter of the rings. The objective of the game is to separate the rope from the stairs.

In the picture there are some stairs with five rings, although the game can be built with more or less rings to increase or decrease the difficulty. If you find it difficult to solve it with five rings, you can build it using four or three rings, not less. If you find it easy, try with six or seven rings.

In any case, here you are the solution of the stairs with five rings, that can be used too for those with four or three.