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Libro de Martín Gardner, los acertijos de Sam Loyd 


Martin Gardner was a great science writer famous for the publication of numerous books on recreational mathematics translated into many languages.

One such book , its cover attached to this riddle is " The riddles of Sam Loyd ".

Sam Loyd (Samuel Loyd ) was a chess player occupied the 15 place worldwide, author of ingenious chess problems and puzzles maker of recreational mathematics.

One of his most famous works is dedicated to Tangram , with 700 designs.

One of his mathematical puzzles is as follows: Is it legal the marriage of a man with his widow's sister ?






Solving the riddle of Sam Loyd :


According to the statement of the riddle man has a widow , so I should be dead , and therefore can not marry.


Although there is a possible parallel response is the taste of the reader to assess if you can give as valid.


If a couple is separated or divorced, then the man marries the sister of his former partner and then dies do we meet the problem statement ?