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14.- Three brothers divide their father's legacy, that is composed of 35 horses. In his will, the father wrote that the oldest brother would keep half the legacy, the middle brother would keep a third and the youngest brother would keep a ninth.

As the divisions were inexact, the brothers couldn't come to an agreement, so they decided to ask an old mathematician who proposed what follows:

Given that 35 horses can't be exactly divided by 2 nor by 3 nor by 9, I give you mine. Now you have 36 horses, so you all come out ahead. As the oldest, you will take 36/2, that's it, 18 horses. As the middle, 36/3, that's it, 12 horses. And you as the youngest, following the wish of your father, a ninth, 4 horses.

Now you all have your legacy, and as 18+12+4=34, there are two horses left, so I get mine back and keep the other one as a payment for solving your problem.


How is this possible?


-- Solution of the riddle --