Puzzles, situation puzzles and recreational mathematics.

situation puzzles and recreational mathematics. Neuron juice

Neuron juice.

The important thing is not to stop questioning. (Albert Einstein.)




Neuron Juice was born years ago as a catalog of my situation puzzles, and almost without my realizing it turned into an album of pastimes ―every item I like has been stored into a new section.


Then situation puzzles came, almost all of them were mathematical or logical, along with kaleidocycles, some really special magic objects, cut-out paper puzzles being horsemen their main representative, mathematical magic or ‘mathgic’, incredible optical illusions and impossible objects.


Going in depth into more serious mathematics, we can find prime numbers with a little touch of special prime numbers and the most popular number ―3.1416 or pi.


As a complement, you can find other things that have attracted my attention such as curious texts, palindromes, or special multiplications that could be stored into mathematical magic. And I am open to adding whatever item I might find that touches my neuron. If you have something that could show me a great time by juicing my neurons, send it to me using the form on the left menu and I will publish it.


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